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Smoked Turkey
Smoked Turkey

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4 Color Pepper Salad 33114 $6.99 4 Color Pepper Salad - Broiled Assorted Peppers with Kalamata Olives. Product Details
Asian Pasta Salad 02120 $5.99 Asian Pasta Noodle Salad with a Sesame & Soy Seasoning. Product Details
Babaganoush 021205 $5.99 A delicious middle-eastern eggplant salad / dip. Product Details
Beet Salad 122585 $6.99 Middle Eastern Style Beet Salad. Product Details
Chickpea Salad 021208 $5.99 Gourmet Chickpea Salad. Product Details
Chummus 021233 $5.99 Freshly made Chummus with no preservatives. Product Details
Coleslaw 021201 $4.99 Freshly made Coleslaw Salad. Product Details
Corn Salad 021299 $5.99 Corn Salad. Product Details
Cucumber Salad 021203 $5.99 Freshly made Cucumber & Dill Salad. Product Details
Egg Salad 125443 $6.99 Egg Salad. Product Details
Friday Night "CHEF'S CHOICE" Package - For 1 Person 021439 $32.99 Complete Fri Night Package. Chef's Choice. Click for Details. Product Details
Friday Night "DELUXE" Package - For 2 People 021432 $75.99 Complete Fri Night Deluxe Package. Pick and choose your dishes etc. Click for Details. Product Details
Green Salad 125444 $4.99 A mix of fresh greens, tomato, cucumber and spring onion. Product Details
Israeli Salad 021204 $5.99 Israeli Salad. Product Details
Matbucha 021209 $5.99 A delicious middle-eastern salad with Tomatoes, Bell peppers and Garlic. Product Details
Mediterranean Eggplant Salad 021202 $5.99 Savory Mediterranean Eggplant Dish. Product Details
Moroccan Carrots 122545 $5.99 Traditional Moroccan Style Carrots. Product Details
Pasta Salad 021206 $5.99 A great colorful tri-color pasta salad with olives and red pepper. Product Details
Potato Salad 021200 $4.99 Freshly made potato salad with red bliss potatoes. Product Details
Red Cabbage Salad. 021354 $5.99 A tasty red cabbage salad. Product Details

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Results 1 - 20 of 21

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